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Explore our Pre-schools



Head Teacher - Sarjo

Lanuwarr Pre School was built with our funding and opened in 2017. It is a three classroom school and is positioned on the northern edge of the village. It delivers a western style education in the morning and Arabic for part of the afternoon.



Head Teacher - Dembo

Fayunku Pre School is located around a mile from the centre of the village.
The four classroom school had been closed for some time and our support and funding allowed for it to re-open.



Head Teacher - Botto

Kulukochi Pre school is a four classroom school which was built with funding from a highly successful British charity based in Gunjur and some additional support from MBG in the UK.
Once built, we were approached to support, resource and fund it, which we were delighted to do.



Head Teacher - Alagie

Hatab pre school is our only Arabic school.
Alagie their headteacher wanted to broaden the children's education and saught permission to deliver a more Western style curriculum.
This combination seems to be working well and the children are flourishing. They have 5 classrooms.



Head Teacher - Mariatou

Tarud Pre school was the first of our schools to be supported and funded back in 2003.
It has 6 classes and is situated in the very heart of the village.

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