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Project Gambia

Our charity Project Gambia was formed in response to the low capacity and quality of provision of Preschool education available in the village of Gunjur and its surrounding areas in The Gambia, West Africa.


Compulsory attendance at school in The Gambia commences when children are 7 years old and currently there is no Government funded provision for education for children under this age. There is however, a growing understanding by emerging Gambian Preschool professionals and families, of the window of educational opportunity that exists in the early years that has a long term positive benefit to learning, health and life chances.


Some privately run Preschools exist in The Gambia and are very much welcomed by the local communities; most have waiting lists although statistics released by UNICEF in 2015 indicate that only 18.1% of the Preschool age children are registered. Early years provision is clearly welcomed, but currently under resourced and lacking in capacity and links to the universal education system.


We decided to do something about it and this is our story that continues to be written...​

We are eternally grateful for anything you can give to help the children in Gunjur, The Gambia. Some of the things your donation will go towards are: upkeep of the schools, educational resources, feeding programs, teacher salaries and school trips to the beach, hospitals and farms. 

Our mission is simple: do all we can to help support the pre-schools in Gunjur, The Gambia. We hold numerous fundraising events throughout the year here in the UK, from curry nights and boogie evenings to our annual Teas For Tourists in Swindon. Keep an eye on our new blog to find out when things are happening.    

We have a small team of trustees and volunteers, and our team of volunteers go over to The Gambia for two weeks every year to help support the teachers, do teacher training and carry out essential maintenance at the schools.

Every Penny Promise

We are proud to say that absolutely every penny that gets donated or raised for our charity goes towards the education of children in The Gambia - no if's, no but's, all of it goes to the children.

All promotion, advertising, trips, and expenses are paid for by the volunteers at Project Gambia, so you can be safe in the knowledge that anything you donate will go directly towards improving the lives of pre-school children in The Gambia, and that's a promise. 

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